I think this is long overdue. 

Recently I have had a family member pass away. I have not been in any mood what so ever to roleplay. And have tried to bring myself to start the main up after my Year 12 had finished. But one thing led to another and I am writing this.

I really don’t want to do this. But I am afraid that it has come to this. I love every single person in this roleplay and it pains me to close this roleplay down. I want to stay on and continue roleplaying. But my heart isn’t in it and I have decided with this… I am going to take a break from roleplaying.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has roleplayed at MU. We became a family here and I will miss every single one of you. You guys are free to continue rping as your characters. But there will be no new characters or auditions being accepted.

I love all of you. And I do hope we stay in touch.

Love always


Remember - Hogwarts will always be your home.



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alicethegryffindor said:  Here's Alice!

Welcome Back to Hogwarts Alice! Please send another message for the OOC Blog!

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sincerely-doe-meadowes-deactiva said:  Oh it's no problem! Thank you so much for accepting me :33 Here's Doe's account.

Welcome back to Hogwarts Dorcas! Please send another message for the OOC Blog.

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I will be looking over the OC auditions tomorrow. 

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Alice Prewett Accepted! 

Okay I just died a little inside reading that. I love Frank and Alice and how you set her out. I could understand how she felt about this being her last year. All in all I loved your sample. Make your account Tristan and send it in!

Name: Tristan
Age: 17
Time zone: EST

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Dorcas Meadowes Accepted! 

So sorry about the wait. But I honestly when getting around to reading the auditions. I fell in love with your Para sample and how you portrayed our lovely Doe. I can’t wait to see what you do with her. Make your account Paige, and send it in!

Name: Paige
Age: 16
Time zone: GMT

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Sorry for the delay in accepting people. 

I will get onto those right now - While I am still wide awake.

Thank you for being patient with me!

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Hello all! First off I would like to apologize for the main not being so active -As well as my characters - I am finishing High School in Seven days! So with only seven days to get everything -my assignments- all up to standard to get a good grade, I have been neglecting things RP wise!

I would also like to Thank -Emmeline- for helping me out by jumping on Board of the Mod train. And with that said I want to say that I have read over the auditions in the box and will be getting to them tonight if I don’t crash again.

Once again sorry for the Activity being poor on the Main and sorry for it going to be a bit poor until I finish year 12!

Thank you for bearing with me.

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aurorabriars-deactivated2012120 said:  I'm sorry, I don't have the time to fully be a part of this rp, but you guys are all really great, thanks.

We understand love, real life gets hectic at times. We wish you the best!

Please unfollow Mary MacDonald.

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curious--georgie said:  Hi, can I reserve Alice? :)

Yes you can! Alice is reserved for twenty four hours.

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